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Ravyn Bloodbayne, Sep 30, 12 1:55 AM.
We're currently accepting ideas for future guild wide events. If anyone has an idea to contribute we'd love to hear it and will likely put it to use. We intend to begin hosting some events in the near future with some good rewards for participants and the winners. If you'd like to donate to help assist with such rewards simply leave coin in the guild bank, but it's not required so don't worry if you don't want to you can still participate. This is one of the reasons we've been saving up coin in the guild bank, the other being influence for upgrading our perks. Events are a fun way to get to know some of your guildies and have friendly competitions with each other.

By participating you'll also be given points that you can see on the website here in the DKP tab. These points can later be used to buy items that I will personally set aside and have listed in the Bank page. To get the points however you'll have to sign up when we post when the events will be held. This way I can monitor who participates and it makes giving the points much easier. 

For future participants of our upcoming guild events, hope you enjoy them!
Game News
Welcome to the Nuthouse!

Sanitarium is a friendly and helpful guild on Tarnished Coast. We have no requirements for recruitment and only ask one thing of our members and that is that they must represent us on one specific toon that they play often. We on't require them to always be repping us but at least 2 days a week. 

Though we are still growing we have unlocked several guild perks already and will soon have a 150 slot guild bank added to that list of achievements. We need all the help we can get to continue upgrading as we have been. If you would like recruitment right simply ask one of the leaders and you can be promoted to Advisor rank for recruiting purposes, but expect to do the job and recruit for us. We have a 3 day probation for new members before they are promoted to Commisioner and given access to the guild bank. This is only because we have had several incidents where players have stolen from our guild bank in previous games, so this is the safe route.

If you need help with anything in game, just ask. There's plenty of players who've hit lvl 80 and even more who've explored all over the world. If you don't ask how can they answer you or help you? We can't read minds, so please ask before getting mad and claiming we're not helpful. 

We'll soon be starting to do weekly guild wide events that are meant to be loads of fun and to encourage participation amongst our members. We will reward the participants with items or money depending on how many participate in the events. No set time for when we'll begin as of this moment but we'll notify the members on here when we're fully prepared for events. 

Anything else, just let us know. Until then, have fun and enjoy the game and guild!

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